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Bachelor of Pharmacy, sometimes known as B.Pharma, is a four-year undergraduate program in pharmacy education. The B.Pharmacy subjects list 2021 is covered in the article below to offer candidates an idea of what they may expect to study for this undergraduate degree. (B.Pharmacy)

The course teaches the students about pharmaceutical engineering, medicinal chemistry, and other topics related to pharmaceuticals and medications.(B.Pharmacy) Candidates who have earned a Class 12 diploma in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology are eligible to pursue a B.Pharmacy degree in India. B.Pharmacy would be the best choice for those who are interested in the medical sector but do not intend to become doctors. Additionally, the B.Pharmacy program offers employment options in both the public and private sectors. Those wishing to enroll in this program may read the page on the subject of pharmacy.(B.Pharmacy)

B.Pharmacy Subjects List (विषय) (B.Pharmacy)

Eight semesters make up the four-year, graduate-level B.Pharmacy course. There are various learning phases (theoretical and practical) in each semester. The list of B.Pharmacy subjects by semester is provided below for aspirants’ reference (Scholarship Click Here) (B.Pharmacy)

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 1 (B.Pharmacy)

• Human Anatomy and Physiology I– Theory
• Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Theory
• Pharmaceutics I – Theory
• Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Theory
• Communication skills – Theory
• Remedial Biology/ Mathematics – Theory
• Human Anatomy and Physiology – Practical
• Pharmaceutical Analysis I – Practical
• Pharmaceutics I – Practical
• Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry – Practical
• Chemistry – Practical Communication skills- Practical
• Remedial Biology – Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 2 (B.Pharmacy)

• Theory of Human Anatomy and Physiology II
• Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I – Theory
• Biochemistry – Theory
• Pathophysiology – Theory
• Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Theory
• Environmental sciences – Theory
• Human Anatomy and Physiology II –Practical
• Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I– Practical
• Biochemistry – Practical
• Computer Applications in Pharmacy – Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 3 (B.Pharmacy)

• Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Theory
• PhysicalPharmaceuticsI –Theory
• Pharmaceutical Microbiology –Theory
• Pharmaceutical Engineering – Theory
• Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II – Practical
• Physical Pharmaceutics I – Practical
• Pharmaceutical Microbiology – Practical
• Pharmaceutical Engineering – Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 4 (B.Pharmacy)

• Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry III– Theory
• Medicinal Chemistry I – Theory
• Physical Pharmaceutics II –Theory
• Pharmacology I – Theory
• Pharmacognosy I – Theory
• Medicinal Chemistry I – Practical
• Physical Pharmaceutics II –Practical
• Pharmacology I – Practical
• Pharmacognosy I – Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 5 (B.Pharmacy)

• Medicinal Chemistry II – Theory
• Industrial PharmacyI– Theory
• Pharmacology II – Theory
• Pharmacognosy II – Theory
• Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence –Theory
• Industrial PharmacyI– Practical
• Pharmacology II – Practical
• Pharmacognosy II – Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 6 (B.Pharmacy)

• Medicinal Chemistry III – Theory
• Pharmacology III – Theory
• Herbal Drug Technology –Theory
• Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics – Theory
• Pharmaceutical Biotechnology– Theory
• Quality Assurance– Theory
• Medicinal chemistry III –Practical
• Pharmacology III – Practical
• Herbal Drug Technology –Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 7 (B.Pharmacy)

• Instrumental Methods of Analysis– Theory
• Industrial Pharmacy – Theory
• Pharmacy Practice – Theory
• Novel Drug Delivery System –Theory
• Instrumental Methods of Analysis– Practical

B.Pharmacy Subjects List for Semester 8 (B.Pharmacy)

• Biostatistics and Research Methodology – Theory
• Social and Preventive Pharmacy– Theory
• Pharmaceutical Marketing –Theory
• Pharmaceutical Regulatory Science – Theory
• Pharmacovigilance – Theory
• Herbal Quality Control and Standardization: A Theoretical Approach
• Computer-Aided Drug Design –Theory
• Cell and Molecular Biology –Theory
• Cosmetic Science – Theory
• Experimental Pharmacology –Theory
• Advanced Instrumentation Techniques – Theory
• Project Work (B.Pharmacy)

B.Pharmacy as a Career (B.Pharmacy)

Graduates have a wide range of work options in the pharmacy industry after they complete the program. There are equal chances available in the public and private sectors. Graduates can work as a pharmacist or in a pharmaceutical firm. After receiving their degree, anyone looking to work for the government can apply at government hospitals. In addition to this, B.Pharm graduates can start their own consultancies, private clinics, and medicinal stores.(B.Pharmacy)

Scholarship For All Student (B.Pharmacy)

  1.     Post Matric Scholarship (B.Pharmacy)
  2. NSP (B.Pharmacy)
  3. D BATU (B.Pharmacy)
  4. मुलींसाठी प्रगती शिष्यवृत्ती योजना 2023 (B.Pharmacy)
  5. महाराष्ट्र राज्यातील युवकांना सारथीतून मिळणारे लाभ पूर्ण पहा (B.Pharmacy)
  6. औषध निर्माण अधिकारी पात्रता 2023 (B.Pharmacy)

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